A8-PRO Reformer
The all new A8-Pro Reformer - Providing superior comfort, reduced maintenance and style second to none. Built to the highest standards with ISO Standards and European CE.
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C8-PRO Reformer
New for 2020, the C8-Pro Reformer from Align-Pilates. Designed to offer low maintenance and quietest possible ride. All with the guaranteed longevity and quality which Align-Pilates has provided for more than 10 years
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C2-PRO Reformer
C2 Pro RC is the latest Reformer from Align-Pilates. This new model features the Patent pending Rapid Change spring bar. Widely used in class environments where moving and storing Reformers is necessary. Featuring ISO standards and European CE standards guaranteeing safety and longevity.
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H1 Home Reformer
The Align-Pilates H1 Pilates reformer was developed to bring the benefits of a reformer workout into your home, without the need to have a space dedicated to your Pilates workout. Featuring the same springs as our professional reformers, the H1 offers smooth and progressive resistance with a range of adjustments to fine tune the machine for your workout. The Align-Pilates H1 Pilates reformer is a self-contained machine which can be easily wheeled around and stored safely out of the way by standing.
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F2 Home (Folding) Reformer
The F2 reformer was developed to bring the benefits of a Pilates Reformer workout in to your home, without the need to have a space dedicated to your Pilates workout. Featuring the same springs as our professional reformers the F2 offers smooth and progressive resistance and a range of adjustments to fine tune the machine for your workout.
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High quality equipment and accessories for people who take Pilates seriously.

Studio and home pilates

For over 15 years, studios, fitness professionals and service providers have relied on Align Pilates to supply them with quality, affordable and durable equipment. Based in the United Kingdom, Align Pilates are the largest European supplier in all things Pilates. In 2012 a partnership between Align Pilates and Australian owned and operated company Pilates Reformers Australia emerged. The last three years have seen this partnership grow and develop so that premium, affordable equipment is now available here in New Zealand. The partnership has developed a new range of Reformers especially designed for the growing demands of the market. Pilates Reformer NZ offers an extensive range of high quality equipment and accessories suitable for all sizes and capabilities. Using only the highest quality components for supreme performance, always consider Pilates Reformer NZ for all your Pilates needs. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it in for you.

It’s simple!

  • Much testing is done on our Reformers before entering the Australian market.
  • Our machines are Robotic welded in Jigs. Not made by hand.
  • Currently we have European ISO approval all Align-Pilates Reformers.
  • We have a variety of testing machines which reproduce years of use within just a few months. This enables us to find issues very quickly and correct them before entering the market place.
Such testing includes:
  • Scuffing machine (upholstery wear);
  • carriage pulling (wheel, runner and spring wear);
  • weight testing (setting weight limits);
  • spring stretch (testing longevity) and
  • pressure testing for bolts and welds (prevents breaks).
  • Salt immersion (testing for rust potential)

When shopping for a Reformer:

  • Make sure everything is bolted and not screwed. (Beware of cheap wooden Reformers)  Many Australian business’s stock very cheaply made timber Reformers. They also make false claims that their timber models are stronger and sturdier than steel. Unfortunately their claims are false. Please beware as these products are dangerous.
  • Make sure the springs are Music Wire so the tension is even or you may do more harm than good.
  • Check the Warranty period carefully as many offer only 12 months maximum. Many claim to offer ‘Commercial Warranty’ but in fact is only a ‘home Warranty’.
  • We often are compared to the likes of Stott and Balance Body , however we have not tried to compete directly with these brands.
  • We have tried to stay with the traditional simple design which does cost you less up front but in the long run our Reformers are less mechanical and will have less long term issues.
  • Our C Channel design (like Stott) has proven to be less problematic as it uses half the amount of wheels.
  • Our rope adjustments are better than the cleat style but are simply mechanically driven so nothing can ever fail. ( No button Windows or remote keys, sorry.)
  • All our Reformers have satisfied the European ISO approval which is based on Strength , Stability and Safety. They are built strong , Very strong.
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