Planking Handles


The Align-Pilates Plank Handles are an excellent addition to any A2, C, F, or H model Reformer. Or it can even fit our Wunda Chair !

The Planking Handles are rotatable so they go face in four different heights and directions. Offering 16 different positions.

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Planking handles can be used with everyone, from your rehab clients to athletes. Great for plank based exercises, the handles also offer much more; by turning the handles at right angles to the foot bar it creates an ideal position for when you are working with clients suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, arthritis, or difficulty being able to weight bear for any length of the time on the foot bar. This alternative position can reduce the pressure through the wrists reducing discomfort and pain.

When rotated externally, the handle acts like an extended foot bar. This allows better postural alignment in exercises which are off set to the reformer such as scooter. They can also act as a wider foot bar for larger clients be it hands on bar or, feet on bar, or act as a stability point for standing rehab-based exercises.

Another great advantage of the planking handles over a foot bar is they can be used in offset positions, e.g. one high, one low, or one facing the foot bar end and the other the head end.  This allows for some really challenging exercises and useful for working on reducing the influence of a dominant arm or leg.

The plank handles can also be to gain similar benefits with our Wunda Chair .

Warranty: 5 Year Frame

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