Pilates Reformer Springs


All our springs are made from finest Korean Music Wire and are nickel coated. Align-Pilates springs are standardized on all of our Pilates studio equipment.

47cm springs are for use on Pilates reformers and both half and full Pilates cadillacs. Total length 47cm. Four strengths available.

64cm long length springs are for use on both Full and Half Pilates Cadillacs.  Two strengths available.

# Please note that the yellow spring requires a special spring sock designed to support the spring more than our standard sock can.  The Align-Pilates supported spring cover allows the use of the extra light spring on any Align-Pilates reformer. The spring cover prevents the spring from drooping, which may cause damage to the spring.  This is also available in the drop down menu when purchasing a yellow spring.

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  • 1 Year

Please refer to the Warranty specifications for further information.

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